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Check out the Old Bangkok page, where a history of Bangkok's sixties era hotels is being constructed

April 2/2003 - Updated the music page with an ongoing review of various bands playing in Vancouver over the next month, including Cheap Trick and Frank Black and the Catholics.

March 23/2003 - I need to catch up. My return to Canada and the sheer volume of Dangerous Madness emanating from the US Government has overwhelmed me. However, I have recently updated the Right Wing Rogue's Gallery with entries on Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, and a couple of other rants and tidbits.

March 5/2003 - My response to Doug "the Rolled Up Newspaper" Brown's argument that the "White Album" is NOT the best Beatles album, and not even as good as "Magical Mystery Tour" is now available in the Music section.

February 13/2003 - Check out photos from the Dangerous Madness tour of North India

About Dangerous Madness

There is a song called "Dangerous Madness" by Wayne Kramer, former guitarist for the influental proto-punk band the MC5. Listen to a clip of the song here. It is from a reasonably good album of the same name. 

This site has no particular connection to Wayne Kramer other than being conceived when I found myself humming the song to myself after watching Michael Moore's documentary "Bowling for Columbine" and I thought it would make a good name for a website. The song and the film are both pretty much about the "dangerous madness" pervading the culture and politics of the United States of America (or the United States of Hysteria). I suppose that will be the theme of this site as well, though right now, I'm not really sure.